Cowen Quality Masonry

Ithaca Residential Masonry, Masonry Restoration and Concrete

Located in Cortland serving Ithaca and surrounding areas.


Ithaca Masonry Restoration

Masonry Cleaning

  • Preasure washer cleaning for all masonry and concrete
  • Chemical cleaning for brick and natural stone
  • Soap, vinigar, and water cleaning for cultured or man made stone

Masonry Repointing and/or Replacement of existing brickwork or stonework

  • Houses
  • Appartment complexes
  • Chimneys
  • Commercial buildings
  • Brick paver sidewalks, padios, driveways, porches, steps, and stairwells.

Masonry Inspection

  • Existing chimneys with or without visible problems, for a chimney sweep, repointing and or a new chimney cap, or for a complete rebuild.
  • I use a Milwaukee 2311-21 M12 M-Spector Inspection A/V Digital Camera, with a digital flexible camera cable that is capable to inspect up to 30' down inside a chimney, and take pictures.

  • Existing houses, appartment complexes, and commercial buildings with visible problems

Foundation Collapse and Repair

  • Wall or house jacking to rebuild collapsed wall or walls
  • Rebuild or repair block or stone foundation corners and walls
  • Parge or plaster foundation


We have specialized equipment to bring life back to your aging stonework. Different techniques are used depending on the age and type of stone so that restoration is guaranteed.

Stone & Brick

Cowen Quality Masonry will inspect the stone and brick work of your property to gauge its current level of durability. If any issues are discovered then we will make the appropriate steps to restore it to peak condition.


Tuckpointing is the industry term for repairing mortar. Sometimes the job can be difficult because many masonry projects are not done with vertical and horizontal lines like brick laying. Cowen Quality Masonry's experienced staff is capable of repairing mortar quickly and efficiently regardless of the way the stones are set


Waterproofing is done frequently for foundations to ensure protection from water damage and increase the value of your property. We back all our waterproofing with a lifetime warranty.


Caulking is a way to minimize the water damage done to masonry and is used to seal joints where stone and other materials meet. With complete knowledge of different varieties of caulking and their applications, Cowen Quality Masonry will use the best product for the situation.


Masonry Grout is used in the same way as mortar, to join stones, but is used on specific applications. You need a mason who is knowledgeable about both to ensure that the proper repairs are made.

EIFS Cleaning

Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) is a process to protect masonry work. Barrier EIFSs or EIFSs with drainage, Cowen Quality Masonry is certified and experienced in both.

Foam or Epoxy Injection

Foam or epoxy injection is an economic and enduring way to brace and seal compromised masonry surfaces.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.